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Tea Party and NYG Book Club News
sobrikait wrote in nygbookclub
Yesterday was NYG Book Club's first summer meeting, and while attendance was minimal, we still managed to discuss some book club business and eat sweet treats with tea and cocoa. For those who missed the tea party, here's what we discussed:

1. Book Selection: Our first official book selection is the novel Click by David Almond, Eoin Colfer, and a whole assortment of other authors. The novel is unique in that although it is written by an assortment of authors, it is not an anthology of short stories. Rather, each author wrote one chapter, and compiled a single story together. It would be best described as literary fiction, but the novel is both entertaining and on the shorter side, a perfect combination for the busy start of the fall semester that awaits us. If you're interested in finding out more about the book, here's a link to the Amazon page for Click.

2. Changes to the NYG Book Club Format: During the tea party, we also discussed the possibility of making NYG Book Club more of an online club. That is to say, while we would continue to offer in-person meetings and social opportunities, book discussions would be primarily found online in the LJ community. That way, the discussions would be accessible to members no matter their schedule or availability. Furthermore, book discussions could still occur at in-person meetings, but they would no longer be the sole reason for book club meetings. We would be able to do more activity oriented outings (ie. visiting museums, watching movies, and other events) without worrying about incorporating the book discussion. For any members worried about meeting with the book club regularly, the outings and meetings would become optional, and posting at least once to discussions online would be required.

3. CSUN Official: Does the NYG Book Club need to be CSUN official? The question is up for debate still, in light of the fact the book club may become more online. In considering this questions, it's also important to think about who we'd like to invite to join our book club.

4. Creating a NYG Literary E-Magazine: We're all writers and readers. We discussed before the possibility of writing book reviews. Well, what if we made an e-magazine for our book reviews, to be produced every two months? Anyone interested would be able to write reviews for any book (excluding book club selections), which would then be edited and published online in our very own e-mag. The issues we produce would be accessible by any interested party, including future employers if you wanted to provide samples of your writing. One way of envisioning this possible e-mag would be if everyone chose their own column. That is to say, one person could review books that are "Fairy Tales Re-imagined," and another person could write reviews for "Bildungsroman" novels. Yet another person could choose to write about upcoming releases in the literary world, or opinions about writing related things (i.e. "Writing in Second Person: You Might Want to Change Your Mind"). There are a lot of options, and the e-mag would be very flexible with the writing aspirations of the writers. The e-mag would also require editors to look over the writing, so not every member of the literary e-mag would need to write. ***Also, no one in the NYG Book Club has to participate in the E-magazine, only those wish to.

That's the gist of what was discussed at the tea party meeting. Please contribute your thoughts below. Our next official meeting will most likely wait until September, but rest assured that we will be reading "Click" as our first novel. Whenever you have the chance, read the novel and tell us what you think.


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First off, I apologize for not being able to make it to our first book club meeting, it was unacceptable and I can confidently say that it will not happen again (of course this is meant playfully, but I will aim to attend our meetings frequently). Also, I got really excited about the idea of making out own e-mag. In my opinion it will contribute outside work and in the beginning may be bumpy to start off, but I think that's what's going to make the idea come to life and I one hundred percent support the idea. Also, there was a good point raised about making the club partially dedicated online. I feel that this will able all of our group members to come together at the appropriate time and contribute.

Over-all, this seems like great and exciting news and can't wait to get started on our new book. The only question I have is: do we write reviews on the book that we are reading or books that we recommend? I guess would be my only "concerns" when it comes to our discussions. Anyways, hope to hear from all of you again.

Re: First post response

Hey, I'm so sorry I was not able to get back to you sooner. I've been busy this week, and only just now had time to reply. I'm glad that you feel enthusiastic about the e-mag, I think it could be an interesting direction for the book club. Also, I feel the online aspect will be important in the future, because I feel we might encounter issues with scheduling meetings that everyone can attend. As to the books we'll be reviewing here, I'd encourage members to review both recommended books and books they're currently reading. One thing I might warn against (considering this is a public venue which could be read in the future) would be posting extremely negative reviews about books in the event your future career takes you into publishing or a related field, where such writing could negatively impact your chances of being employed. Otherwise, all and any book reviews will be welcomed, granted the review is fair and well thought out :)

Re: First post response

That's fine, I just now got your message and I am finally replying. Thank you for responding and I hope that the idea for the e-mag will go smoothly. Can't wait to hear more from you and the others!

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